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Icon Crediting

If you take icons from this journal, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE credit me (intentocreativo) in your userpic comment section. It makes me very happy to see people using icons that I make - in fact, I still get surprised and feel all warm and fuzzy when I see them in use. But I do spend a lot of time making them, and credit is greatly appreciated.

If you do not know how to credit, I am providing a very easy-to-follow tutorial under the cut.

{Modified from a tutorial originally made by ohpaintbrush}

(1) First you need to upload the icon you want to use. To do that, venture to Edit User Pictures:

(2) Upload your new icon by using the form on the side of the page. Select your icon and then enter keywords and comments. In the comment section, it is preferred that you put credit for your icon. Credit is given by putting the username of the icon maker in the comments section. There are many ways to word credit but the easiest is by using an LJ User tag.

(3) If you want to add comments to an icon that's previously been uploaded, go to the Edit User Pictures page and input text into the keywords and comments sections beside the icon. It doesn't matter how you word it or how you do it, as long as you put the username in there correctly.

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