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Welcome to Creative Intent!

This is the creative journal of polkadotsnplaid. As of 9/12/2007, all of my works of fiction along with my graphic arts will be posted here. All works that I posted before 9/12/2007 can be accessed by the links on the left side of this page.

Feel free to friend this journal--unless you're obviously a troll, I'm pretty sure I'll friend you back. Also feel free to requests graphics or fiction.

Enjoy your stay!

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Icon Crediting

If you take icons from this journal, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE credit me (intentocreativo) in your userpic comment section. It makes me very happy to see people using icons that I make - in fact, I still get surprised and feel all warm and fuzzy when I see them in use. But I do spend a lot of time making them, and credit is greatly appreciated.

If you do not know how to credit, I am providing a very easy-to-follow tutorial under the cut.

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L&O CI fic: "Stillness"

Title: Stillness
Fandom: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Characters: Megan Wheeler, Mike Logan, Alex Eames, Zach Nichols, Liz Rodgers
Summary: Danny Ross is dead, but who will tell Megan Wheeler?
Author's note: Mid-Loyalty. Title taken from the David Berkeley song of the same name. Immense thank you to neojess and nabba for looking this over and for all the suggestions. For neojess, mtwendyr and nicalamity, who each influenced this in their own way.
Word count: 2,315
Rating: PG-13 for language and descriptions of violence.

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[80+] icons from The Chicago Code

I'm back with a big icon post...

The Chicago Code is one of my new favorite shows, so I bring you a ton of icons from various promo stills.

If taking, please:


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